Fundamental Aspects Of SEO

When people think about being able to make money online they usually rush through the first steps of creation and want to learn internet marketing. If you have not already created an online business then you have a chance to create an optimized presence. This will put you months ahead of your competition who just threw together a presence thinking the first words were not important. The first thing you should know about search engine optimization is it starts before you create your presence. Even before you sign up for or (which both offer free web space) you should know exactly what words you would like to rank well for. A few more things you should know is the amount of marketing needed before reaching the top and the amount of competition for the keywords you have selected.

When I am thinking about creating a new presence the first tool I visit is over at This is where I do the majority of my keyword research all you need to do is type in a couple terms you are thinking about optimizing your website for and this tool will bring up the amount of monthly traffic the term gets in Google. When picking a term one of the deciding factors should be the amount of money you would like to make and the amount of time you are going to be willing to spend on internet marketing. For those interested in making thousands each month they will need to pick keywords which have over ten thousand searches monthly. Some of the terms with this amount of traffic include “make money online”, “internet marketing”, and other generic terms. If you are only interested in making a side income with your business pick words which only have a few thousand monthly searches.

The word you pick should be placed in certain places on your website. To understand SEO you should understand search engines and what they look at when they come to a website. Place keywords where search engines look to decide where the website or blog should be indexed within their index. Some of the most important places on a website in terms of search engine optimization include the domain name, headings, and the first paragraph of content. These are where you should place the keyword, but do not just repeat the keyword over and over.

One problem that people run into when trying to optimize a website is creating the website for search engine rather than readers. If you want true success online and become an recognizable expert within your niche the blog or website you create must be targeted towards readers and not for search engines. What this means is you must be able to place the keywords you would like to rank well for without taking away from the usability, readability, or overall look of your website. When you add the words the first question you should ask yourself is if the words actually fit where you are trying to read them or does it make you look spammy. If you are in doubt about the location of the keywords remove them and place words which you think your readers will like best.